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Chiquinho: A Novel of Cabo Verde by Baltasar Lopes da Silva

Chiquinho is a classic novel of Cabo Verdean literature, written by Baltasar Lopes da Silva, one of the founders of the Claridade movement. The novel was first published in 1947, but it was written in 1936, during a period of severe drought and famine that affected the archipelago. Chiquinho tells the story of a young man who leaves his native island of São Nicolau to pursue his education in São Vicente and later in Portugal, but returns home to face the harsh realities of his homeland. The novel explores the themes of identity, culture, colonialism, and social change in Cabo Verde, as well as the contrast between rural and urban life, tradition and modernity, and isolation and integration.

The novel is divided into three parts: The Island, The City, and The Return. In the first part, Chiquinho grows up in a small village on São Nicolau, where he learns about the history, customs, and legends of his people. He also develops a close friendship with Nhô Roque, an old fisherman who teaches him about the sea and the stars. Chiquinho dreams of becoming a doctor and traveling to other lands, but he also feels attached to his roots and his family. In the second part, Chiquinho moves to São Vicente, where he attends high school and experiences a different lifestyle. He meets new friends, falls in love, and discovers new forms of art and entertainment. He also becomes aware of the social and political problems that affect Cabo Verde and its relationship with Portugal. In the third part, Chiquinho returns to São Nicolau after finishing his studies in Lisbon. He finds his island devastated by drought and famine, and his people suffering from poverty and disease. He tries to help them with his medical skills, but he also faces resistance from some sectors of the society who view him as an outsider or a traitor. He also struggles with his own identity crisis, as he feels torn between his love for his homeland and his desire for a better future.

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Chiquinho is considered one of the most important works of Cabo Verdean literature, as it reflects the cultural and historical context of its time and its author. Baltasar Lopes da Silva was born in 1907 on São Nicolau, where he lived until he was 16 years old. He then moved to São Vicente to continue his education, and later to Portugal, where he graduated in law and philology. He was a professor, a poet, a novelist, a critic, and a translator. He wrote under the pseudonym Osvaldo Alcântara for his poetry works, which were influenced by modernism and surrealism. He also wrote essays on Cabo Verdean culture and literature, as well as translations of works by Shakespeare, Dante, Goethe, and others. He was one of the founders of Claridade, a literary magazine that started in 1936 and marked the beginning of a new phase in Cabo Verdean literature. Claridade aimed to portray the reality of Cabo Verde with realism and authenticity, using the Creole language and incorporating elements from the oral tradition. Claridade also advocated for social justice and national liberation from Portuguese colonial rule.

If you are interested in reading Chiquinho: A Novel of Cabo Verde by Baltasar Lopes da Silva, you can find it online in PDF format at [this link]. You can also learn more about the author and his works at [this website]. You can also read a brief summary of the novel at [this Wikipedia page].


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