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The Zero-Dark Legend

Jules L. Grant author

Of Thorns and Demons


Firebird Winner: Science Fantasy; Dystopian Fantasy; and Sword and Sorcery

The land of Erde is recovering from the Long War - twenty-six years of battle that have fractured the foundations of the ruling government at its core, leaving it bankrupt and unable to continue ruling.

After sixteen years of recovery, the government tender the resignation of their post to the Envoy; an undercover operative that has worked tirelessly to unravel the Administration Board.

Born in the death-throws of the ruling government, Rey spends her life growing up on an orchard in the idyllic countryside. However, the Envoy threatens the peace and turns her world upside-down, forcing Rey to come face-to-face with an enemy more evil than she has ever encountered. Whilst dealing with the death of close family, Rey has to endure being held prisoner, tortured and somehow devise a daring escape.

Only true friendship can save her from herself.

Every great warrior starts their journey somewhere, and this is her tale.

Follow Rey as the world tests her mettle to the max and she discovers who she is born to be... 

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Desk with Book

I drew my sword, the electric rush engulfed me, as the sword glowed with blue plasma, "go!"
He didn't move, just stared at me in horror.

Portrait of Female Primeval Cavemen Leader and Warrior Threat Enemy with Stone Tipped Spea
Wooden Hut

Of Thorns and Demons

Tales of Erde

Book 1

Turbulent events shatter Rey's peaceful existence in the picturesque Erde countryside on her family's orchard farm estate.

A deadly and unknown disease strikes those close to her, leaving questions over its origin.


After the tragic loss of loved ones, Rey is caught off-guard in deadly civil unrest caused by a terrifying militia that the bankrupt government are unable to stop.


The covert and terrifying organised group are born from the ashes of decades of war. 


Rey is captured and held prisoner; beaten and abused until she loses all hope.  

On the verge of no return for her sanity, Rey learns the true fate of her beloved Naeli, which spurs her on to make an escape plan: though, it involves murder. Considering her options - murder is the only choice she has. 


The daring escape from her cell in the ancient Keep wreaks havoc with her very soul, and in the process of it, Rey loses the one person left of her world. As she exits through the window and plunges to the ground, it marks the first step her into an epic journey of survival.  


As she forges new allies in the hope to return and to save Naeli, Rey is forced to rebuild her trust in others whilst besieged by the horrific mental scars of her incarceration and the trauma that she has endured.


Recurrent flashbacks threaten to consume her, eating away at her soul - yet the kindness and loyalty of new friends help Rey to find her courage and restores her hope and determination, ready to fight again and return to the Keep to save the rest of the children that she left behind.

Raven ascending
The bioluminescent cave.
The ancient forest.
The Blue Mountains
Snow flurries
The orange eyes of evil
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Portrait of Female Primeval Cavemen Lead
woman riding in historical costume as a
Tropical Leaves

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf

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