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The Book Slam Xtra!

I am the host of The Book Slam Xtra on Clubhouse and Youtube, which I present with my wonderful cohosts Adam, Reese and Melanie:




Welcome to our virtual fireside chat, The Book Slam Xtra, a podcast for book lovers, writers, and readers alike! Our podcast is a warm and welcoming space for all kinds of book genres. Here, we bring authors, poets, and writers together to chat about reading, writing and the writing process. 

Grow your knowledge, support, and explore with us as we dive into the creative journey with inspiring conversations and fireside chats.

Discover new challenges and writing styles, collaborate, and share ideas.

Get the opportunity to hear guest authors from across the globe, and Subscribe for a chance to become a member of our growing channel.

The Book Slam Xtra is the perfect place to start your creative journey. Join us today for your weekly dose of writing inspiration!

If you'd like to find out more, or you're interested in listening in, check out our podcast on Clubhouse and Youtube by clicking the button:



 Some of the most talented authors read from their work and it ranges from children's stories, poems, science fiction, fantasy, crime, erotica and many more...

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