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Welcome to the adventure!

Books by J. L. Grant


The Monster Heart Saga: (Great for younger readers)

Gloomloo is a worry monster, Buddy is a puppy.

Together they make an unlikely duo and traverse the globe

(with the help of portals) helping children when they

have strong negative emotions. The magical land of Zogon

is where Gloomloo resides with the fae and a whole host

of other worry monsters, all controlled by the first monster:

Mr Poopapickles. The trouble is that when a worry monster

is sent to the child, they never know the reason why - it’s up

to them to figure it out!


The books in this series:

Rainbow Bridges & Monster Hearts

The Eye of Ragamuffin


Rainbow Bridges & Monster Hearts

Buddy is a puppy adopted into a new family, but despite

how wonderful they are, a scary noise keeps happening

at night that worries him. Gloomloo is a worry monster

from the magical land of Zogon, sent to earth to help children

who are finding things difficult. Their worlds collide and

an unlikely friendship is forged…but can they help Cole and

Abigail before Gloomloo disappears?

The Eye of Ragamuffin

Gloomloo needs Buddy’s help - a child is lost and only

Buddy’s super nose can help find them. Trouble is they

have only a homeless cat Cleo, as a clue. Can Cleo

overcome her fear of humans, and Gloomloo overcome

his fear to help Buddy piece together the clues before

the child vanishes forever? 


Tales of Erde: (Dark fantasy, sword & sorcery, science fantasy)

Rey is a teen, thrust into the grown-up world of the death of loved ones, caused by the beginning of a war: a war that is like none that any had ever seen before. 

The series see’s the world from her point of view as she navigates the power bestowed upon her by her dying father and how she copes with the trauma of captivity. Her only focus is her sister and trying to save her, but her rage and hate towards the enemy threatens to destroy her from within. Plagued by flashbacks, Rey battles monsters and strives to build an army big enough to destroy her enemy.  

The books have both won awards from the Firebird Book Awards

The books in this series:

Of Thorns and Demons

16 year old Rey struggles to cope with the onset of war

and all the challenges it brings: especially the loss of her family

and her captivity. But having to leave her sister nearly breaks

her - new friends give her a purpose again.   

Of Thorns and Demons

(Winner: Dystopian Fantasy,

Sword and Sorcery, Science Fantasy)


Of Shadow and Swords

Trapped in the mountains, Rey’s anger grows and

rather than give up, her desire to get back to her

sister and take the fight to the enemy overwhelms

her…until she does the unthinkable,

and then there’s no way back.

Of Shadow and Swords

(Winner: Dark Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery)



Coming soon!

Of Blood and Bow

The Orkarian’s force Rey and Cat-ori to stand trial to be exiled from the underwater citadel, but the hearing doesn’t go as planned and instead they’re faced with an army like no other as it pours from the portal, destroying everyone in their wake. But there is hope: if Rey can make it to the mainland, the Mystika could help. But the journey is fraught with danger at every step and Naeli see’s the dark side of Rey emerge almost severing the bond that once held them close. With Raven still held captive across the abyss, Rey’s only goal is to press forward no matter what the cost.      

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