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The Zero-Dark Legend (ZDL) is a series that tracks the development of a 16-year-old girl who becomes a mighty warrior and ends up saving their world and possibly more (no spoilers here!).

Of Thorns and Demons

Book One

I could’ve saved her. Killing the guard was the easy part; I had to live with myself, with the dark memories that haunted my day and night. The cost of freedom was too high whilst she was still captive. My sister didn’t deserve to be held whilst I roamed amongst the wreckage the Envoy left in their wake. Life used to be idyllic, but when my family died, everything changed: the dawn of war was as ugly as it was brutal.


The Remnant he bestowed was a curse and a gift; it's magic unknowable. Yet its energy meant I could wield weapons that none could. Without them, Raven and Ash would’ve died. Death was my new shadow: perhaps it was better to be alone, but that’s when the demons hurt the most. After the only place I’d ever known crumbled, my world became dark, lit by a single glimmer of hope: that if I survived, then perhaps I stood a chance to save her too.       


Of Sword and Shadow 

Book Two

Coming soon!

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