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Rocky Coast
Fantasy World

Rey's journey continues...

Of Blood and Bow
Tales of Erde, Book 3

The portal opens and the true enemy pours out, but nothing could have prepared the Orkarian's nor Rey, for the horrors they unleash. Now is the time for heroes, but is Rey brave enough? Tasked with travelling to the mainland to find the Mystika, far to the south, it's down to Rey to keep her sister and Katt-ori alive - but is she ready and how will her relationship with Naeli change as the child witnesses the darker side of Rey?

As the only soldier, it falls on Rey's shoulders to keep her beloved sister safe and the tenacious Katt-ori alive as brutal enemies descend on the world 

“Woah, my father talked about these, about how they were the elven homeland, but then the man took the land from them, slaughtering every last one into extinction.” The faraway gaze that Katt-ori had, softened the ongoing anger that simmered in my stomach for her.

“You must miss him,” I asked in a gentle tone.

“Don’t you think humans are cruel?” She demanded in response, her voice cold.

“Well, sure but-,” I tried to respond.

“Before you lot arrived, this island was bursting with life - species you could only dream about - and humans hunted and killed many,” Katt-ori’s eyes reddened as tears brimmed, threatening to drip down her cheeks in heavy drops.

“Hey,” I reached for her but she tugged her arm away, “you know that happened long before now - I…we had nothing to do with it. If I’d been around then, I’d have fought with your people.”

“Perhaps,” she cast a sullen look and rubbed her eyes, “yeah…I do miss him.”

Abstraction, futuristic city of concrete and neon. Night city view, stairs up, illuminatio



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