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Don't let the darkness shroud you...

Welcome to the beginning of a series that I am excited to share with you. Do you like sword and sorcery, or epic fantasy? Do you like apocalyptic atmospheres? Do you like dungeons and dragons, or perhaps monsters? Or maybe, you like a character-driven story that has relatable themes but with a fantasy backdrop? What about a government being overthrown, or escape and evasion?

Well, if any of those tickle your fancy, this series is for you.


Some of my favourite films and books are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, The 100, The Handmaid's Tale and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Even though these have been amazing influences for me, I wanted to blend the genre of science fiction with fantasy and create a futuristic world that has familiar mythology embedded into it. My next decision was to create a character that is relatable, but goes through some seriously bad stuff and remains scarred from it. I mean, Rey has it pretty rough in Book 1, Of Thorns and Demons even worse in Book 2, Of Shadow and Swords - but this is what shapes her personality and gives her the strength to become who is meant to be.

Don't be fooled - she is not the chosen one. That accolade is for another person in her life and one that will only become apparent as her story unfolds.


Book 3, Of Blood and Bow from the Tales of Erde is due to be released later in 2023!

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"...a constant thread of foreboding woven throughout the story which kept me turning pages and made me anxious to know more...."

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"...absolutely delicious..."

"...couldn't put it down..."

" full of adventure..."

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"...Rey is something else...I cannot wait to read more..."


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