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Tourbillon expert joins the particular Grand Sonnerie Hall


After 11 years of exploration and development, tourbillon skilled GF is one of the few major watch manufacturers capable of looking into and developing Grande Sonnerie!


No matter which watchmaker anyone asks, whether it is difficult to make a huge souvenir, you may get a look, an endearing smile or a frown, and the respond to should be clear enough. Naturally , the timekeeping mechanism is definitely difficult, especially the grandissimo sonnerie. Otherwise, if you look at this timepiece industry now, you can matter all the brands that can apply it with two hands. Nevertheless , this year is very special. VACHERON CONSTANTIN and GREUBEL FORSEY ) both released typically the brand’s first Grande Sonnerie and entered the lounge of watchmaking.

It’s just that Vacheron Constantin only launched the Adulto Sonnerie this year, which is a touch surprising. After all, the development of often the timekeeping mechanism has their origins. However , GREUBEL FORSEY, which started with a two times tourbillon, is not slow. Often the founders Robert and Sophie spent 11 years. It was a little while until time to develop this considerável sonnerie with 935 factors, two patents and 13 safety designs, proving it has the high-end technical strength along with the tourbillon.

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It has in excess of 935 components, holds a couple patents, has 11 inherent safety designs, and works on the titanium case to achieve considerably better resonance and is easy to have on.

This adulto sonnerie uses a configuration connected with double hammers and increase gongs. I haven’t had fun with this watch personally, i haven’t had the opportunity to listen to it sound in person. I’ve just simply watched the official video in the mean time. In addition to the timekeeping device, FRIEND naturally also did not fail to include the signature 24-second tourbillon device. The case size will also be maintained at 43mm in addition to 16. 13mm thickness, and is particularly made of titanium instead of gold that is commonly used in repeater watches. On the one hand, precious metals are light to wear, and on the other give, they have better resonance.

Kinetic energy has become a major problem in the development of keeping time mechanisms. Because the grande sonnerie needs to strike every fifteen minutes, the demand for kinetic strength is naturally higher. How can there are barrel support it? GIRLFRIEND uses a rare device. However the watch is hand-wound, the eccentric automatic disk is scheduled on the back of the watch for a 20-hour power reserve with an intelligent winding system. This is GF's most complex device at this point., limited to five to nine pieces produced each year.

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