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Gymnastics Pussy

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The prolific American poet Terrance Hayes's seventh collection presents seventy--three-score and ten unrhymed and unmetred, but for the most part tightly disciplined fourteen-line poems, each named "American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin". Most explore racism and political oppression against a backdrop of Donald Trump's Republican America, "the land of a failed landlord with a people of color / Complex", in which "Newshounds ponder the tweets of a bullhorn", and yet, perhaps--with a pun like something from a demonstration placard--"Love trumps power". There are witty quips here, some sprightly and often ridiculing passages of verbal gymnastics ("The umpteenth thump on the rump of a badunkadunk / Stumps us"), some moments of calculated introspection, and many fistfuls of tempered anger. 041b061a72


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