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Download File Seamless Paper Texture Pack 25442... [BETTER]

-Adobe Illustrator swatches: Adobe Illustrator CS3 or newer. Note: Although the textures are seamless swatches, they are not vector but rather high-res image files.-Raster JPEG files: JPEG files are compatible with most photo editing software. You can even import it into MS Word for a background texture.

Download File Seamless paper texture pack 25442...

Download these free seamless paper texture backgrounds that can be perfectly used in web, print, artwork, Photoshop overlay patterns and for other similar design needs. This essential pack includes 6 textured papers in different color variations.

These old paper textures are great for adding some character to your work. Whether you're looking to create a vintage photo overlay or you're just looking for an organic feel, these assets are worth the download.

Provided by Ardan Fajar to Graphic Burger, this set is made up of 7 different high-definition paper textures. Some of them are worn out, while some of them are vintage. The files are 30002000 px in size and come as PSDs.

The 103 paper textures are very high-resolution, coming at 600dpi. Not all of the files are the same size. The smaller size is 49616141 px, while the larger size is 49617988 px. All files come as JPGs.

The files come as JPGs and TIFs. All images are 300dpi. The images fmrom the first volume are paper sized at 8.511 inches. The paper textures from the second and third volumes are 1114 inches in size.

Here we have a free paper texture patterns bundle. It comes as 12 ready-to-use JPGs and Photoshop patterns, which is pretty fantastic, actually. The files are small at only 288288 px but they do integrate seamlessly with one another to create continuous paper patterns.

This time we have folded paper textures in a variety of colors, including brown, red, and green. The paper files come in two formats, JPGs, and layered PSDs. The PSD files are compatible with all CS versions of Photoshop. The images are 1767x2500px in size.

Wild Texture is a website dedicated to all sorts of textures and files. This link will lead you to their paper texture section that features a few interesting results. Have a look! They include seamless, aged, and artistic paper textures in their collection.

This is a pretty cool paper texture bundle for sale. It costs $10. These 15 vintage paper textures come as PSD and AI files. The textures are 300dpi with the size of 36004800 px which is equal to 1216 in.

Simon Birky Hartmann provided this bundle of 24 to SpoonGraphics. It is available only for premium members. This bundle is made up of two packs, Vol 1 and Vol 2. All 24 folded paper textures are high-resolution at 4700x6300px in size.

This large vintage paper bundle is made up of 40 high-resolution files. Each file comes in a 33005100 px size. All the paper textures use neutral colors and show a high level of detail and texture such as marks and folds.

Vecteezy is a website filled with thousands of vector files. This link will take you to their section of free paper textures. They have just about anything you might be looking for. The results for free paper texture feature 5396 items at the time of the writing.

The seamless grunge texture from this pack, can be used as a grunge pattern in Photoshop. Go to Edit > Define Pattern to create the grunge pattern.

This End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you and True Grit Texture Supply governing the terms of use of the digital content including software add-ons, brushes, swatches, color palettes, graphic styles, actions, effects, templates, vector files and texture images (collectively "Graphic Assets") that you are downloading or purchasing from True Grit Texture Supply, for yourself, your company, or your employer (hereafter collectively referred to as "you" or "The Licensee").

Textures exist to further sophisticate images, art, and likes. We have an amazing example here for you called the dust and noise overlay texture. This texture is useful to add a vintage, worn out or retro look to your design. The package contains 6 high-quality files with resolutions of 40003000 px for you to choose from. They could be creatively used as backgrounds as well for your personal and commercial projects. Thanks to Graphic Burger for this amazing design resource. Check out their website for more. 041b061a72


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