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Hathyar Movie Download 720p

Hathyar Movie Download 720p - A Review of the Action Crime Film

Hathyar is a 2002 Hindi-language action crime film directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. It is a sequel to the 1999 film Vaastav, which starred Sanjay Dutt as a gangster named Raghu. Hathyar follows the life of Raghu's son Rohit, also played by Dutt, who becomes a gangster himself after facing the stigma and challenges of being the son of a notorious criminal. The film also stars Shilpa Shetty as Rohit's wife Gauri, Sharad Kapoor as Rohit's friend and betrayer Pakya, and Sachin Khedekar as the narrator and Rohit's godfather Digamber Patil.


If you are looking for Hathyar movie download 720p, you can find it online on various platforms. However, before you download the movie, you might want to read this review to know more about the plot, the characters, and the themes of the film.

The Plot of Hathyar

Hathyar begins where Vaastav had ended, with Raghu being killed by the police in a fake encounter. His son Rohit grows up in a hostile environment, where he is constantly reminded of his father's crimes and reputation. He is also bullied and harassed by his peers and teachers at school. He finds solace in his mother Sonu, who was a prostitute before marrying Raghu, and his girlfriend Gauri, who is married to an abusive husband.

Rohit decides to follow his father's footsteps and becomes a gangster under the guidance of Digamber Patil, who was Raghu's friend and mentor. He earns the nickname "Boxer Bhai" for his fighting skills and ruthless attitude. He also rescues Gauri from her husband and marries her. They have a daughter named Shanti.

However, Rohit's life is not easy as he faces many enemies and challenges in the underworld. He has to deal with Fracture Nagya, a rival gangster who wants to kill him, Pakya, his best friend who betrays him for money and power, and Digamber Patil, who conspires with Nagya against him. He also loses his family's support when he kills Gauri's brother Munna, who was a police informer working for Nagya.

Rohit becomes isolated and depressed as he realizes that he has no one to trust or love. He also becomes a wanted criminal by the police, who are ordered to shoot him at sight. He decides to take revenge on his enemies and kills Nagya, Pakya, and Patil in a violent rampage. He then surrenders to the police and commits suicide by shooting himself in the head.

The Characters of Hathyar

Hathyar has a strong cast of actors who portray their characters with conviction and realism. Sanjay Dutt delivers a powerful performance as Rohit, who is torn between his love for his family and his loyalty to his profession. He shows the emotional turmoil and inner conflict of a man who is trapped in a vicious cycle of violence and crime. He also portrays the physical transformation of Rohit from a young boy to a mature man.

Shilpa Shetty plays Gauri, Rohit's wife who loves him unconditionally but suffers from his actions. She shows the pain and anguish of a woman who is caught between her husband and her brother. She also portrays the strength and courage of Gauri, who leaves Rohit when he crosses the line of morality.

Sharad Kapoor plays Pakya, Rohit's friend who betrays him for greed and ambition. He shows the cunning and deceitful nature of Pakya, who manipulates Rohit and uses him for his own benefit. He also portrays the fear and guilt of Pakya, who realizes his mistake too late.

Sachin Khedekar plays Digamber Patil, Rohit's godfather who guides him in the underworld. He shows the wisdom and experience of Patil, who knows the ins and outs of the crime world. He also portrays the hypocrisy and betrayal of Patil, who plots against Rohit for his own survival.

The Themes of Hathyar

Hathyar explores various themes related to crime, violence, family, friendship, loyalty, and morality. The film questions the consequences of following a path of crime and violence, and how it affects the individual and the society. The film also shows the impact of family and social background on the personality and choices of a person. The film also depicts the importance of friendship and loyalty, and how they can be tested and broken by money and power. The film also examines the moral dilemma of a person who has to choose between his love and his duty.

Hathyar is a dark and gritty film that does not shy away from showing the harsh realities of the underworld. It is a film that makes you think and feel for the characters and their situations. It is a film that challenges you to question your own values and beliefs.

If you are interested in watching Hathyar, you can download it in 720p quality from various online sources. However, we recommend you to watch it legally and ethically, and respect the hard work of the filmmakers and actors.


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