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LGBTQ+ Character?

One of the things I’m passionate about is equality: equal rights for both men and women; equality and fair treatment for disabilited people (I’m one of ‘em) and equality for people who are non-binary, trans, queer and all the other people who identify with the LGTBQ+ community. As such, I wanted to create a world that reflected true life as much as possible.

Rey experiences trauma, that‘s true, but it doesn’t affect her sexuality and this is something that she explores in book 3.

At this stage in her journey, we see her develop feelings towards an unexpected character and although her love for Raven doesn’t diminish, Rey has the opportunity to show the strength and courage that we know she has, but she has never realised or accepted.

The characters are thrust into a world unlike anything they’ve ever experienced and this reflects her feelings and the female character Rey becomes attracted to forces Rey to reevaluate how she perceives the world; that love, or at least lust, can coexist despite the horror that has encapsulated their world.

The world is being devoured and yet, to Rey, her whole world centres on those she loves and trusts the most. You see, it shouldn’t matter what gender or sexuality a person or character is, consensual sex and love between people, or cultures (or even tribes - as seen in Erde), is accepted, despite the obvious racism and discrimination that is prevalent between the tribes.

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