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How to keep writing when life takes over

Let's face it: writing can be a chore. It can take ages to write a simple paragraph and it can take days, weeks, months, even years to complete or finish work. It took me over four years to write my first book. But, I didn't sit at a computer all day. I had other responsibilities - I'm a mum, I'm a carer for my own mum, I was working full time and also managing life with chronic pain and other lifelong conditions. So, how did I actually finish? Well - for one thing, I did not "make" the time. Getting up at 4am was a big no-no. Anyone who knows me can tell you that morning is the hardest time of day for me. Here are my tips for getting it done:

  1. Don't give up - keep going.

  2. Use a notepad and keep it with you so you can note down ideas as they pop into your head - or when you hear or see something that inspires you.

  3. Write when you can or able to - if you're stressed because you're trying to juggle writing and something else, then, write when you're not stressed and juggling. Your writing will be better when you're feeling more relaxed and able to think.

  4. If you can't fit in hours, write what you can in ten minutes. If you do this every day, it will become your first draft.

  5. There is no deadline - work to your own timescale.

  6. Put your family first - your writing will be there when you're able to access it.

  7. Don't force inspiration - know that it is literally everywhere and will find you.

  8. Did I mention to not give up?

  9. Be kind to yourself.

  10. Find a space in your home that you like being in - or somewhere outside your home you like to be. Mine is by the sea or my writing nook.

Stay safe,



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