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Facts I learned whilst researching my novel..

Having done a lot of research, and learned a substantial amount of useful and useless informatio, I thought why not share it with you...enjoy!

1. The main body of the bow is called the limb.

2. To work out when tracking a human, whether they’re male or female, check where they’ve peed - you’ll see two footprints shoulder width apart and a wet area on the ground. If it’s closer to bring between the footprints, it’s most likely female.

3. Don’t drink any alcohol to keep you warm - it won’t. Instead you’ll get warm initiall, which means your blood vessels dilate to cool you down (but you’ll still think you’re hot), and you’ll die of hypothermia.

4. Stuck in the wilderness at night and not sure which way is east or west? Find a spot with a clear view of the sky and two sticks (one straight and the other with a curve/notch in it that can free-stand). Rest the straight on in the curved one so one end is resting on the ground and the other pointing towards the sky. Select star or constellation and aim the straight stick at it. Rest a while, then check which direction the star or constellation has moved.

5. Reishi mushrooms are golden coloured fungi that live in the trunks of trees, like discs that have been stuck there - they make a good tea to soothe pain. BUT only do this if you know what you’re doing as lots of fungi is deadly poisonous!

6. Willow bark is a natural pain reliever.

7. Pure honey is an excellent antibiotic and was used in Roman times to heal wounds.

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