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Psychology ( L2/L3) (Online)




39 Weeks


About the Course

This course is designed for those who are interested in how our mind works, or are thinking about understanding people better, or for those looking to introspect.

The cost of the course includes the price for the GCSE/AS-A Level Exam.

Flexible, online lessons to suit your busy lifestyle. Lessons can be either 1:1 or small classes, depending on your preference.

Level 2 Content:

(GCSE Level)

Cognition and Behaviour (Exam 1)

1. Memory

2. Perception

3. Development

4. Research methods

Social Context and Behaviour (Exam 2)

1. Social influence

2. Language, thought and communication

3. Brain and neuropsychology

4. Psychological problems

Level 3 Content:


AS Subject content

1. Social influence

2. Memory

3. Attachment

4. Approaches in Psychology

5. Psychopathology

6. Research methods

A-level Subject content

Compulsory Content

1. Social influence

2. Memory

3. Attachment

4. Psychopathology

5. Approaches in Psychology

6. Biopsychology

7. Research methods

8. Issues and debates in Psychology

Optional Content

Option 1

9. Relationships

10. Gender

11. Cognition and development

Option 2

12. Schizophrenia

13. Eating behaviour

14. Stress

Option 3

15. Aggression

16. Forensic Psychology

17. Addiction

Your Instructor

Jules Grant

Jules Grant

As a qualified and experienced teacher with more than twenty years of working with children and young adults, as well as being a parent to a child who has SEN, Jules has considerable expertise and knowledge. The range of settings where Jules has worked include Montessori, early years settings, schools and colleges and has had numerous roles such as Assessment Leader, Course Leader, Standards Verifier, Teaching and Learning Champion, Lead Internal Verifier, PGCE Mentor, Manager and Team Leader.

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