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Child Development, Early Years & Care L2/L3 (Online)




39 Weeks


About the Course

This course is perfect for you if you're looking to expand your knowledge or expertise in looking after children. Perhaps you're thinking of becoming a parent and would like to know more about how to help them grow into happy and confident individuals, or maybe you'd like to work with children, but want to know more about who to look after them in a professional setting?

Flexible, online lessons to suit your busy lifestyle. Lessons can be either 1:1 or small classes, depending on your preference.

The cost of the course includes a GCSE/AS-A Level exam fee.

Service Description

Unit 1: Individual Rights and Responsibilities

Unit 2: Self-Assessment

Unit 3: Communication between Children aged 0-3 years and Adults

Unit 4: Planning for the Physical Care Needs of Children aged 0-3 years

Unit 5: Respecting Children

Unit 6: Communication Skills with Children

Unit 7: Planning for the Physical and Emotional Care Needs of Children

Unit 8: Encouraging Children to Eat Healthily

Unit 9: Keeping Children Safe

Unit 10: Valuing Children as Individuals

Unit 11: Children’s Learning Through Everyday Experiences

Unit 12: Physical Activities for Children

Unit 13: Learning Experiences for Young Children

Unit 14: Engaging Children in a Group Activity

Unit 15: Supporting the Use of IT with Children

Unit 16: Creative Activities for Young Children

Unit 17: Musical Experiences for Children

Unit 18: Books, Stories, Poems and Rhymes for Children

Unit 19: Caring for Children Group Project

Unit 20: Alternatives to Paid Work

Unit 21: Managing Your Own Money

Unit 22: Self-Assessment

Your Instructor

Jules Grant

Jules Grant

As a qualified and experienced teacher with more than twenty years of working with children and young adults, as well as being a parent to a child who has SEN, Jules has considerable expertise and knowledge. The range of settings where Jules has worked include Montessori, early years settings, schools and colleges and has had numerous roles such as Assessment Leader, Course Leader, Standards Verifier, Teaching and Learning Champion, Lead Internal Verifier, PGCE Mentor, Manager and Team Leader.

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