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Childcare/EYE (L1)

BTEC Level 1 Award/Cert in Caring for Children

  • 1 hour
  • 30 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

Unit 1: Individual Rights and Responsibilities Unit 2: Self-Assessment Unit 3: Communication between Children aged 0-3 years and Adults Unit 4: Planning for the Physical Care Needs of Children aged 0-3 years Unit 5: Respecting Children Unit 6: Communication Skills with Children Unit 7: Planning for the Physical and Emotional Care Needs of Children Unit 8: Encouraging Children to Eat Healthily Unit 9: Keeping Children Safe Unit 10: Valuing Children as Individuals Unit 11: Children’s Learning Through Everyday Experiences Unit 12: Physical Activities for Children Unit 13: Learning Experiences for Young Children Unit 14: Engaging Children in a Group Activity Unit 15: Supporting the Use of IT with Children Unit 16: Creative Activities for Young Children Unit 17: Musical Experiences for Children Unit 18: Books, Stories, Poems and Rhymes for Children Unit 19: Caring for Children Group Project Unit 20: Alternatives to Paid Work Unit 21: Managing Your Own Money Unit 22: Self-Assessment

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